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- The Balmarians do not merely share their origin with humanity a-la other races seeded by the Protoculture.  In fact, their ancestors came from Earth, where they experienced some sort of ecological disaster -thought connected to Apocalypsis- and many of them chose to travel elsewhere using the Crossgate.  They were led and protected by the Nashim Ganeden (used by Irui) and Geber Ganeden (used by Augustus).

- Eventually though, the Nashim and its pilot returned to Earth out of a mixture of homesickness and desire to protect the life that remained on Earth.  In Alpha 3, it's also stated that during its travels it went to various other planets -in turn letting other races know about life on Earth- but I don't think that's necessary here.

- The Crossgate itself is another creation made by humanity's precursors.  The one in the Solar System featured in the Alpha games is near Jupiter.

- The Spirit Emperor is considered so sacred to the Balmarians that anyone else even saying that title can make some of the more duty-minded Balmarians (the generals, Rulia) lash out angrily at whoever said it.

- Since we don't have any Alpha 1 characters tied to the 7th fleet (Kusuha, Bullet, SRX team, etc.) we can just say that the fleet we've been dealing with has been Ephesus's.  I also left out as many Alpha 3 characters from Selena's mission list as I could spare (the other rivals, Hazal, Ace, and Etsira).  In the event Cobray, Touma, Kusuha, or the SRX team gets apped I'll try to work something out so they can do their stuff.  Even post-canon, we can just still feature hostile Balmarian remnants or something.

SRW U app

Mar. 9th, 2014 08:57 am
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Player name: Steam
AIM contact: Wyverncakes
Alternate contacts: mod contact, DW account steamrollerssolveall
Character name: Selena Recital
Source canon: Super Robot Wars Dark Prison/Alpha 3
Community tag: selena recital, elma
Do I want a HMD: Yes

Notes: Selena's got this weird status how in addition to being a selectable protagonist in Alpha 3, she's a supporting character in Dark Prison (and actually the member of the group with the least focus).  I'm intending to do both plots for her, Dark Prison and then Alpha after a while.

There is two things I'm requesting at the start though: the Earth needs to have had at least some experience with the Balmarians.  In the OG-'verse, the Hiryu got messed up by them pretty badly six years prior when it tried to leave the solar system (which was that setting's first official contact with aliens), and we can include that here too if it's not an inconvenience. 

Second, at some point between Bian's Insurrection and the start of the game, Ingram needs to have revealed his true identity as a Balmarian agent and been killed, presumably in battle against the Steel Dragons.  It doesn't need to have been in some massive battle and I don't want to step on the toes of anyone wanting to do the plot from OG1 or Alpha 1, so Euzeth, Levi, Laodica, etc. don't have to have factor into this.  The details of it don't matter.

Background: Oh boy where to begin here.  It's been nearly ten years since Selena was introduced and there's STILL not much known about her backstory.  There's a lot of guesses and some fanon, but all that's really known for certain is Selena is part of a top secret squad known as "Team Jelba" and her codename during Alpha 3's "Operation Doll" (some secret operation Team Jelba was on) was "D13".  Two other members of Team Jelba were mentioned by name, Albhard Bailarin and Captain Noctour Symphonia, but everyone other than Selena and her supporting robot (or subot) Elma had been killed by a mysterious group (actually the Balmarian Golar Golem squad), prompting Selena to try to get revenge.  Little about Selena gets revealed, even who she works for, but she is plenty familiar with the protagonists and they are at least familiar with at least the type of machine her Soleares is, so it's not like her team just up and warped in from the Shadow Mirror universe and are in over their head.

Selena's appearance in Dark Prison does flesh things out at least a little bit more, though as mentioned before, of all of the supporting characters joining Shu she gets the least focus.  In contrast though, Albhard, only mentioned in Alpha 3, is featured in full and we do get a little backstory for him, about how his girlfriend Jessica was onboard the Shirogane when Shu destroyed it, a sticking point between Shu and Albhard that finally gets addressed by them at the end of the game.  In Dark Prison, Team Jelba's clearly stated to be working for the Earth Federation doing intelligence gathering, hence why Albhard and Selena are tasked with investigating to see if Shu's really dead or not.

Personality: Considering Selena's attire and appearance on Alpha 3's player select screen, you might expect her to be an innuendo-laden ballcrushing battlefield sadist like Saphine Grace or Xine Espio.  And that... is about as far from reality as you can imagine.  Selena admittedly does sometimes have some coy dialogue, but it's just limited to snarky trolling of enemies or sometimes playful teasing with very close friends (most commonly Elma).  Selena does wear those clothes purely because she likes them, and she also thinks women with similar kinds of clothing have great taste.  However, she has limits.  Saphine's ridiculous attire is fine in Selena's book, but they wind up having opposite opinions on the Wizol Custom, with Saphine liking the design so much she wants to recreate it given the chance, and Selena responds to this first with disbelief and then sarcasm.

Contrary to her wardrobe, Selena can and often is absolutely straight-faced serious, able to focus on the mission at hand and get the job done.  In Dark Prison, she's essentially Albhard's Lancer, someone to serve as his conscience when his grudge against Shu makes him forget his duties or even his own words about helping Shu.  It's not just her own mission she's loyal to, it's the team's.  And thus she cares a lot about her close friends too.  When Volkruss takes control of Saphine's machine and forces her to fight everyone, even Shu thought there was no way to help her and they'd just have to kill her.  It was Selena's insistence that something could be done -since Saphine's bond with Volkruss wasn't a formal one- that gives Shu hope he could she can be saved.

Selena does take a while to open up to people though.  In early Alpha 3, she's almost all coy dialogue and very little seriousness, since she figures she's not going to be hanging with everyone for very long so there's no reason to get emotionally attached to them.  But people who are going through some really ugly stuff, or who she's going to be spending a lot of time with (as in Dark Prison and presumably Uni), will get to see the real Selena, the professional soldier who can be serious and offer serious advice if they don't know what to do.

Her attachment to the people closest to her is a double-edged sword though, and the loss of them can drive her to tremendous extremes in the name of revenge.  In Alpha 3 she spends countless weeks trying to find leads about the group that annihilated Team Jelba and was plenty willing to torture people for information (though she never goes through with it).  When it's clear that the Golar Golem team is responsible for it, she also tends to slip into the same mentality Albhard did regarding Shu, prioritizing Spectra's death over anything and anyone.  So in short, she'll do everything she can to help and protect the people closest to her, but in failing that, she tends to be excessively concerned with retribution... to the extent she might actually let down people who are depending on her to get other stuff done.

However, with outside help Selena does manage to let go of these more vengeful tendencies and it's made much easier by how petty and trollable Spectra is.  Seriously; Selena's side of the rivalry is because Spectra and the Golar Golem killed off Team Jelba and Spectra's side of it is because Selena saw her real face.  Selena at one point manages to drive Spectra livid simply by disregarding their rivalry because taking a bad hit in Sleigh's case is more important.  And come on, pissing off your archnemesis AND helping your friend in one move?  What's not to love?  Although no group or person will ever replace the bond and the closeness she has with Team Jelba, she'll still grow to value new friends just as much even if she still keeps secrets about her identity from them.  If pressured about which group she cared for more, Unity Group or Team Jelba, she'll answer that comparing the two is a disservice to all parties.

Accompanying Selena is her subot Elma, who true to his name always does what he can to look after and help support her.  As close to Selena as the human members of Team Jelba and extremely intelligent, Elma is unfortunately quite literal-minded, and a pioneer in being an unintentional troll.  Sometimes things he said are phrased just right to piss off the wrong people, as what happens when Elma mistakenly asks Shu's familiar Chika if she's a robot.  Elma can also get to be very emotional for a robot, his small size making him get extremely uncomfortable when people are getting very hands-on with him or situations he should be in control of going to pieces.  Elma can gets very angry when someone talks down to him and belittles his status as a subot as well, enough that he can get into legit bickering matches.

Selena and Elma are a very close pair, even if they sometimes get on each others' nerves through Selena's teasing or Elma going on long infodumps and occasionally unintentionally perverted comments.  In serious situations they work well as a team, Selena providing the muscle and planning whilst Elma provides the fancy technology, and in more emotional times Selena's appreciation of Elma is all too apparent.

Capabilities and Resources: Selena Recital is a ninja.  Not in the 80s action movie, shonen manga, or hack-'n-slash videogame manner but a more historically accurate manner.  She's a spy, an infiltrator.  A master of disguise.  Someone who can blend in to a social setting and gather information regarding enemy groups by knowing what to keep an eye out for, what to keep an ear out for, and what to say to get people to divulge tiny details that add up to paint the big picture.  Her first appearance in SRW Alpha 3 involved her infiltrating a top-secret Blue Cosmos operation in the search for clues about Team Jelba's killers as a man.  Similarly, during Dark Prison she occasionally went out to gather information so Shu and company could plan their next move.  Going the honey trap approach however is not her style though; that's Saphine's schtick.

On foot she also has an electric whip, useful for stunning uncooperative men and women she needs alive.  Additionally, her mentions of truth serum allude to the fact she knows how to interrogate someone under their effects and is aware of the fallout of it, since she comments that doing so can leave a messy aftermath.

Additionally, there's Elma.  The little subot who can.  And when the game says "support robot" it means it.  Elma can pilot Selena's machines (to some degree), handle all of the special systems (such as the Stealth Wing's thrusters, the Prism Phantom, and later on Servants), serve as a mechanic to maintain and repair her machines when damaged, and also can do housework.  All the housework.  Vacuuming, washing dishes, making beds, cooking (including Selena's favorite food: Spanish omelets), sewing, the guy can somehow do it all with nothing more than a single dinky manipulator arm.  And somewhere in his tiny frame there's also a flash grenade just in case he and Selena get cornered.

Elma also has a rather impressive database of knowledge, pertaining to historical records, recent scientific essays, the whole gamut.  This is primarily just public knowledge stuff though, Elma doesn't have any reason to just randomly know top-secret things unless he were to hack into systems and gather that knowledge... which Elma actually is capable of.  He does have a knack for electronic warfare, but high-grade security measures also stop him cold.  I don't plan on making much use of this ability in interactions with other canons barring instances when it's discussed with everyone in advance.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: Gesterben Custom
Unit Description:

Visual reference:

Once upon a time their was a particular idea: take a Gespenst and upgrade the shit out of it with conventional tech, like thrusters and a badass stabbing weapon.  This design was the Alteisen and has nothing to do with Selena's initial mech, other an example of divergent evolution within mech designs.  No, this particular design idea was the Gesterben, a light but nimble machine able to conduct electronic warfare, operate as part of a team or on its own, and unlike the Alteisen got a limited production run.

Selena's machine is further customized version of the Gesterben to help further fit her own style of fighting, and is -unlike the original- equipped with a proper Tesla Drive to grant it proper flight.  Produced by Daniels Instrument, the Gesterben Custom is a bit of a Glass Cannon, sacrificing armor for vastly superior speed, loads of hardpoints and room for other weapons.  It also lacks plasma stakes, so no Jet Magnums either.

However, what the Gesterben Custom brings to the table more than makes up for these sacrifices.  First and foremost is its biggest carryover from the original Gesterben models: the Blade Railgun.  The unholy fusion of an Assault Blade and a Burst Railgun, the Blade Railgun mounts the chainsaw sword as a bayonet, letting the weapon function both at close range and at a distance.  Additionally, Selena outfits her Gesterben with all manner of weaponry because you don't just get something like the Gesterben Custom and not do that... hence Selena tacking on a combat knife, an M-13 shotgun, Mega Beam Rifle, Slash Rippers, and then the most unique weapon in Selena's arsenal: the Stealth Boomerang.

In Selena's possession even prior to acquiring the Gesterben, the Stealth Wing is made up of two halves, which are stored on the back of the machine's legs when not in use.  They can be used separately as a pair of short swords or joined together and thrown like a boomerang.  A boomerang equipped with a ton of thrusters, and connected to the machine's systems so Elma can control its flight trajectory.  Elma can also manipulate its thrusters to fly like a buzz-saw, enabling the Stealth Wing to even stop on a dime and reverse course.

Lastly, you can't conduct electronic warfare without some kind of electronic weapon, and the Gesterben does come equipped with a jammer to help throw off missile targeting systems.  It's not perfect, far from it, but it can help.  You can see it in action here.

Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: Yes
Ground: Yes
Water: No
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Air


For her SRW Alpha 3 plot, Selena upgrades to the AS-04 Soleares.

Visual reference:

The origin of the Soleares is shrouded in just as much mystery as Selena herself.  Labeled as an "Assault Scouter"-type machine, the Soleares is in fact an absolute Frankenstein of a machine built entirely out of parts from other mooks.  What mooks make up which parts?  Fucked if I know.  I don't see any signs of a GM or a Valkyrie or Zaku or anything like that in the Soleares's design, but characters in Alpha 3 say it when they have no reason to lie so I guess it's true.

The Soleares ditches most of the arsenal the Gesterben had, but this is arguably just because when Selena first appeared in Alpha 3 nobody was planning on putting her in the Gesterben years down the road in Dark Prison.  Thus, I'm requesting that when she makes the transition, she keeps the kickass Blade Railgun because there's no good reason to ditch it.  It's also worth noting that the Soleares retained the Gesterben's Stealth Wing, and in fact the weapon obtains electromagnetic properties, enabling it to muck up the mobility and movement range of enemy units.

For built-in weaponry, the Soleares comes equipped with two beam daggers, or "Sol Razors" which are stored in the machine's wrists when not in use.  The daggers can be used conventionally for stabbing and slashing, but also have a "Sol Fencer" formation, causing them to extend out to fully-fledged beam whips with tremendous range.  For ranged combat and close-range "fuck you" moments, the Soleares also comes equipped with a quartet of high-power Gatling cannons, cannons designed to do a number not just on enemies in general, but also weaken their passive defenses.  These aren't measly peashooters either; the "Gatling Tempest" attack in Alpha 3 was considered her strongest attack by a wide margin.

The Soleares also has even stronger Electronic Warfare vibes with not only a jamming system but also the Prism Phantom, a powerful mechanism in the machine enabling it to screw over enemy sensors.  This could be applied one of two ways, the first being a standard-ish optic camo system to render the Soleares invisible to the naked eye and sensors not up to the task of detecting her.  Trickery with spacial displacement would still find her just fine though.  Selena herself admits the optic camouflage tech used for it is actually quite old.  Though this function can't be used while attacking, it does appear that it can be used for short periods in the buildup before hitting the enemy, as evidenced by the Sol Fencer and Gatling Tempest attacks.

The other application of the Prism Phantom is much more direct and aggressive, with the Soleares releasing blinding flashes of light that cover a broad enough energy spectrum that, though it doesn't cause physical damage, it can at least momentarily blind people looking at it and also mess up sensors on enemy machines.  This interpretation mainly stems from me trying to make sense of how the Prism Phantom is used in Alpha 3 during the first cutscene as a cloaking device, and what the fluff says about it by making the bright bursts.  The Stealth Wing also now properly lives up to its name too, using Prism Phantom technology to allow it to disappear in mid-flight.  Combined with Elma's ability to control the course of the weapon, and this makes for a very deadly, unpredictable weapon.

Lastly, the Soleares has amazing combat speed.  Though the Hyperion, Cybuster, and certain other machines easily trump it in terms of top cruising speed, the Soleares is nimble and can move quickly around the battlefield to close in on stunned enemies.  This speed and the Prism Phantom's ability to confuse enemies are the machines' greatest strengths.  You can see it in action here.

Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: Yes
Ground: Yes
Water: No
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground

Additionally, after plot stuff, Selena has the Soleares further upgraded into the AS-04R Alegrias.

Visual reference:

After having the Soleares totally trashed in a fight, Elma goes and get it repaired using parts from -in canon- Project Terrestrial Dream and a Mk. III Huckebein.  In Uni, I won't specifically state it's them unless we get an Ibis or Sleigh and they're cool with it and rather, Shu just pulls some strings so Itsurugi Industries supplies her with the parts.  The end result is an even faster and deadly machine, using the Twin Tesla Drive (one on each shoulder) to grant the machine even greater speed and maneuverability.

The machine as a whole is strengthened and improved, adding some new features.  The Sol Razor beam daggers return and retain the Sol Fencer configuration, but they ALSO can be combined together to form a ginormous beam saber whose usage capstones Selena's best attack.  The Stealth Wing and the quad chainguns also make their proud return too, but the fanciest improvement is the Servant Sluggers.  The Sluggers are a pair of two-part attack drones, each equipped with a Gatling cannon of their own and able to fly and engage enemies independently with Elma handling control of them.

The Stealth Wing blades can also be mounted on the Servant Sluggers to enable the weapons to be used for stabbing the crap out of stuff, and on top of that if Selena wishes the Tesla Drives can be ejected off of the Alegrias's shoulders and dock with the Servants to grant them even greater mobility. 

The jammer and Prism Phantom return too, and on top of all this, the Sluggers incorporate in electronic warfare tech too, using the Prism Phantom to project holographic images of the Alegrias to throw enemies off.  This admittedly exposes the Sluggers to a lot more enemy fire than they might face normally, but they're considerably smaller than the holograms they'd make so at least enemies won't have a clear shot at exactly where they are.  It stands to reason that if the data's provided to Elma and the Slugger's databanks, they could also generate holograms of other machines too.  You can see it in action here.

Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: Yes
Ground: Yes
Water: No
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground

Wingmen: During the Dark Prison plotline, Selena will have a single wingman, fellow Team Jelba member Albhard Bailaran.  Or rather, it's technically the other way around.  Though they're both lieutenants, Albhard outranks Selena and has enough seniority in Team Jelba that he can give her and Elma orders.  Albhard is for the most part a fairly friendly and pragmatic guy, but has a better grasp of seeing and working towards the big picture than Selena.

That said though, he reaaaaally hates Shu since when Shu trashed the Shirogane around the start of the DC insurrection, his girlfriend Jessica was one of the crewmembers killed.  The subject of Shu can make him very cold and serious, and if confronted with the man himself he's going to practice the Keep Your Friends Close/Enemies Closer approach, and if he's presented with a good enough reason to kill him he's not gonna hesitate to at least try.

Initially, Albhard will pilot his own customized Gepenst, the Mk. II M Type-G (the middle one).  The Halloween Plan (which in Uni can have been started after Bian's defeat because the ESUN's taking his warnings seriously) was made to beef up the mass-produced Gespensts, and the Type-G is built for close-range asskicking.  Plasma bucklers and stakes mounted on each hand, the Type-G also has a powerful Mega Blaster Cannon built right into its chest because why the fuck not?  Best of all, the machine is FAST and maneuverable, able to perform acrobatics and close in on enemies quickly.  You can see it in action here.

Later on in the Dark Prison plot though, Albhard manages to come across a Grungust Type-2 M, a mass-produced Grungust Type-2.  With an orange paintjob (probably not meaning anything), it's part of a very limited run the Type-2 had on the assembly lines and is not quite up to the original model's standards but still a very impressive machine.  Equipped with eye beams, split missiles stored in its legs, the ever-present Boost Knuckle rocket punches, and the chest-mounted Maxiblaster energy cannon.  Lastly, there is the Type-2's Doomblade, a powerful energy sword that serves as the machine's strongest and deadliest attack, capable of cleaving through all but the hardiest of enemies with ease.  You can see it in action here.

Mission requirement: Due to the type of missions Team Jelba conducts, Selena won't be joining the Unity Group until the first Dark Prison event.  Afterwards, she and Albhard will serve as Shu's handlers in the Unity Group while we're left wondering if he's really lost his memory and all that jazz.

Suggested Event List: You-know-who's got this covered.  However, there is one bit of addendum I'd like for the Dark Prison plotline.  During a mission (ideally involving the return of the Graviton Cannon MAP attack), whoever we're fighting is using tech stolen from some factions.  Mostly low-grade stuff confined to the Banpresto Originals but with some valuable materials in one of their carriers.

Rather than just lose it, Selena and Albhard resolve to steal it back and with some help (possibly involving Shu as mentioned above) break into the carrier.  And lo and behold, these guys have a freaking Grungust Type-2, the one that Albhard will appropriate and use henceforth.  The other important machine is a blast from the past, the late Ingram Plissken's Wilschwein, which we'll tragically just have to throw in a closet somewhere because it has a very, very thorough biometric lock that'll take months if not years to crack.

Or, you know, someone with Ingram's DNA.  But Selena doesn't fit into that category so blargh.

Her Alpha 3 missions will be written up once I've played through her route fully.

Sample post: Here, here, here, and here.


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